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For those of you interested in finding out more about the Valley’s music scene here is a sneak peak at some up and coming blogs

  1. A list of up and coming local bands – this will include information on all the rising stars in the Valley
  2. A list of former local bands to check out – all the best bands that came and went and why you should still be listening to them
  3. Review: Fall Frenzy Showdown – with 24 local bands competing for a spot on the main stage at Fall Frenzy there will be a lot to say about this series of shows.
  4. Review: August F-Bomb Fridays – Quick Henry will be rocking Long Wong’s every Friday of August and I will tell you how it all went down.
  5. September current events: upcoming local shows
  6. Profile: Japhy’s Descent – Everything you’ll need to know about Japhy’s Descent and why you should be listing to them.
  7. Profile: Future Loves Past – Everything you want to know about Future Loves Past and why you should be listening to them.
  8. Profile: Quick Henry – A sneak peek into local band Quick Henry, and if you’re lucky maybe an interview.
  9. Review: Ladylike’s new album – We know they have an album coming out soon, I’ll give you the inside scoop on their new record before it hits itunes.
  10. 10. Profile: What Laura Says – The inside scoop on What Laura Says, their new album and why they rock local socks off
  11. 11. Profile: Yucca Tap Room – An inside look at the local bar and venue Yucca Tap Room.
  12. 12. Profile: The Trunk Space – Everything you want to know about The Trunk Space and why it is a killer place to see a show.
  13. 13. A list of the best local albums – I’ll take you through the best albums by local bands and hopefully aid in your expansion of your local music collection.
  14. 14. Review: Cities of Refuge at the Nile – I will be rocking out with Mesa’s Cities of Refuge  and I’ll tell you all about their first ever performance on the Nile’s main stage.
  15. 15. Interview: Cities of Refuge – After watching them rock, I plan on scoring an interview with some of Mesa’s finest.
  16. 16. Interview: Future Loves Past – Once you’ve fallen in love with Future Loves Past I will give you more to love by interviewing them for your pleasure.
  17. 17. Review: locals night at Lo-Fi Coffee – Lo-Fi Coffee plans on showcasing some of the best local acts they can find and I’ll tell you all about them.
  18. 18. Tips on finding local music – I’ll guide you through the local’s rack at Zia so you can find the best local music for your collection.
  19. 19. Review: September F-bomb Fridays – I’ll let you know how the month of September goes at Long Wong’s and just who rocked F-bomb Friday’s the hardest.
  20. 20. October Current Events – all the upcoming local shows for the month of October.

Keep following Turn Off Your Radio for all the upcoming information on the Phoenix Metro Area’s music scene.

August Current Events

The Month of August is sadly a little slow for local shows, but given that it is back to school season this isn’t really surprising.

Quick Henry has taken over F-Bomb Fridays at Long Wong’s this month. Playing with them are local favorites Japhy’s Descent, Page the Village Idiot, Sasquanaut, and Future Loves Past. In case you weren’t aware, every month Long Wong’s in Tempe chooses a local band to be their band in residence. These bands will play every Friday night for the entire month along with three to five other local bands. F-Bomb Friday’s are a great way to check out the local music scene. Long Wong’s doesn’t charge a cover and has $1 you call it’s every time a fire truck goes by. This provides a great opportunity to see what it going on in local music. Check out Long Wong’s in Tempe for more information.

Also in the Month of August, we have local loves Ladylike playing the Splash Pool Party at the Lexington Hotel in central Phoenix. If you haven’t been to a Splash Pool Party yet, this is definitely one to check out; it is literally a giant pool party on the roof of a hotel. Check out one of Phoenix/Tempe’s finest on August 13th and make sure to check out Ladylike’s facebook page for all their upcoming shows .

Peachcake is the August band in residence at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Much like Long Wong’s F-Bomb Friday’s the Rogue Bar has a band in residence every month. This month is local band Peachcake. They are playing Saturday’s during the month of August. Peachcake has been around since I was in high school so if you haven’t heard of them yet, it is definitely time to check them out.

I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted as more shows arise, but right now there isn’t much scheduled for the month of August.

Tell Me Mrs Rita… a list of other blogs


There are a severe lack of blogs about local music in the Phoenix metro area, hence the need for a blog like Turn Off Your Radio.  There are, however some really good local blogs and general music blogs that might peak your interest.  Check out some of my favorite blogs and see if any of them peak your interest.

Phoenix New Times Up On The Sun

This blog is supposedly the music blog for the Phoenix New Times but I don’t think of it as strictly a music blog. The writers of Up On the Sun give New Times style blog posts of everything happening around the Valley, primarily local music, but with greater frequency and detail than the New Times its self. Watch out for an inside scoop on local bands and interviews with local hipsters like Bob Hoag.

MTV Buzzworthy

While MTV may no longer be synonymous with music and music videos, their buzzworthy blog is an entertaining place to find up to date music related buzz. Most of what they write about is the typical celeb gossip fodder, but it is easy to weed through and find things that are less gossipy. I am always stoked to find links to music videos, and I do think that good or bad, it is always important to stay up to date on Pop music.

The Hot Sheet

The Hot Sheet is a blog with information on all the best places in the Phoenix area. Covering food, shopping and the Phoenix night life, The Hot Sheet provides Phoenicians with insider information on everything we could want to know. Since there is always a lot going on in Phoenix, on occasion you might find a music event listed on The Hot Sheet, but since it is a blog about Phoenix and not about music, posts about music are few and far between.

Music For Robots

Music For Robots is a blog devoted to sharing independent music with the world. Not only is this a great place to find information on unsigned and indie bands, but it also is a continual reminder of how important it is to support small bands. The writers of this blog are always telling readers to buy music instead of stealing it and to go to shows when we can.

So check out these blogs and let me know what you think!